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4 Content Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid for Your Brand’s Online Success

  Content matters. It will show your audience who you are as a business. For instance, are you a small, local business that can be trusted? What values do you stand for? What is the essence of your company? What makes you different from similar businesses? Content from website copy to social media posts and…

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How to Improve Your SEO Efforts When Your Site Isn’t Ranking

  With all that you do to improve your business’s SEO, from creating a website to sprinkling keywords into your content to getting on social media, one question may still remain: why am I not ranking well? Despite of your SEO efforts, your business like many others may still fall short of the high search…

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What Makes a Great Logo? 5 Essential Rules for Creating or Redesigning a Logo

  First impressions can make or break a relationship. It’s no different for the relationships your business makes with its customers. That first impression is formed in great part from your logo. Each and every logo is like its own narrative. It says a lot, most of time without saying much at all. Logos are…

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4 Tactics and Tools to Increase Lead Generation

  The way businesses generate new leads is not what it once was. As HubSpot notes, “Your audience no longer wants their attention bought——they want it earned.” In other words, a generic sales pitch is not going to cut it anymore if you want to build up your customer base.   “Your audience no longer…

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How to Improve Your Local Listings Management (and Your Brand’s SEO)

  Do online listings really matter? Picture this: a family driving through town wants to stop for pizza. They search for restaurants near them on their smartphone and up pops a few chain stores nearby. But the best pizza in town, the local legend, goes unnoticed in this family’s search. Why? Because their business hasn’t…

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Advice from 3 Marketing Experts to Revive Your Marketing Strategy

  Has your marketing lost its flavor? Are you seeing alright results, but nothing near what they could be? Your business needs a strong marketing strategy, but sometimes that requires an audit of your current strategy and some necessary tweaking. Several experts in the marketing industry share what they’ve seen work in today’s modern market. When…

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7 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Ads for More Conversions

  You have several social media platforms where you could advertise, but Facebook time and time again proves to be one of the best options for businesses. And it’s no surprise why so many businesses choose Facebook: its audience is enormous. Through Facebook advertising, you have the chance to get your brand in front of…

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5 Ideas for Segmenting Your Email List and Improving CTRs

  With all the emails that flood into inboxes, a generic email can easily get lost. Think about the emails you pass over in your inbox. They weren’t written specifically for you, they were written for a mass audience. But then think about the emails that do catch your eye. You want to open these…

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6 Ways to Use Text Marketing for Your Business

  Texting isn’t just helpful to keep in touch with faraway relatives or friends sitting across the room. There is also a great potential for text marketing in business. When you think of texting, you may not think of it initially as a marketing tool. Some may even tell you that text marketing is a…

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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Give Up on Email Marketing

  It seems that every year, some marketing expert claims that some marketing practice is dead.  Whether that is content marketing, outbound marketing, or even email marketing, it can send people into a panic.  Businesses will stop using it just because they heard it was dead, regardless of if it works for them or not.…

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