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6 Ways to Use Text Marketing for Your Business

  Texting isn’t just helpful to keep in touch with faraway relatives or friends sitting across the room. There is also a great potential for text marketing in business. When you think of texting, you may not think of it initially as a marketing tool. Some may even tell you that text marketing is a…

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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Give Up on Email Marketing

  It seems that every year, some marketing expert claims that some marketing practice is dead.  Whether that is content marketing, outbound marketing, or even email marketing, it can send people into a panic.  Businesses will stop using it just because they heard it was dead, regardless of if it works for them or not.…

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How to Monetize Website Traffic with Retargeting

  You’ve designed your website to sheer perfection. Excellent. Plus your marketing efforts are bringing in an influx of visitors to your site. Even more excellent. But you’re still not seeing any more sales or conversions even with all the traffic you’re generating. When this happens you may ask yourself, “What went wrong?” The problem…

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Simple Ways to Maintain Your Customer’s Loyalty

  It’s a simple fact. A business needs customers to survive and those customers need to be loyal. Unfortunately, too many businesses today focus on growing their customer base while ignoring the customers they already have. According to SumAll, a digital marketing platform, “25% to 40% of the total revenues of the most stable businesses…

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6 Ways to Market in a Mobile-First World

  Mobile devices are transforming the way marketers find and connect with their intended audiences. This should come as no surprise now that mobile Internet usage has overtaken desktop within the last few years. Businesses looking to make their mark in in a mobile-first world need to know how to market to this ever-growing mobile…

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A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Paid Search Advertising

  When you Google keywords related to your business, does your company appear as one of the first search results? If it doesn’t, your business’s website may be missing out on a lot of traffic. Sites that appear on the first page of search engine results receive nearly 95% of all web traffic. That means…

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Simple Tips to Get More Customer Reviews

  Do you know how important customer reviews are to your business? It doesn’t matter whether you are exclusively a brick-and-mortar store or if you only do business online, testimonials from customers can make or break you. We’ve all done it. We go online and search out a business, maybe to find the address or…

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How to Make Sure Your Customers Love Your Marketing Emails

  You open your inbox and there it is—another marketing email. Sometimes you actually enjoy getting them. They contain coupons or valuable information about the company that’s sending them, but not today. You thought you had already unsubscribed from this company’s list. You head to the bottom of the email and click the unsubscribe button.…

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5 Content Marketing Myths That Need to Go

  There is no doubt that content marketing is effective. Businesses have been using it for the past few years to draw traffic, create leads, generate sales, and even drive more customer loyalty. Customers like to read and engage with content that fills their needs and when your content serves that purpose, you see the…

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Which Social Media Platform is Right for Your Brand?

  A candy store has many different types of sweets. There are classic treats displayed along with the more unique. Brightly colored candy bars are placed next to those with special fillings. And there is always a variety of chocolate. Picking the right social media platform is a little like being a kid in a…

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