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9 Essential Ingredients Your Website Needs to Survive

  If you own/run a business, then you know you have to have a website or at the very least, a web presence. 79% of Americans shop online as of December 2016, and it’s likely that number has gone up. If you aren’t online than you are missing out on a lot of business. So…

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3 Social Media Marketing Myths You Need to Ignore

  There’s no denying it.  Social media is a huge aspect of our lives.  We use Pinterest to search for inspiration, Twitter to keep track of real-time updates, and we check Facebook to socialize.   How many times have you seen a news article on a social network instead of the evening news? Or watched…

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3 Tips to Writing Attractive Content for Your Readers

  It’s every content writer’s worst nightmare.   You spend hours and hours crafting the perfect blog post with a captivating headline, statistical facts, and engaging images.  You hit the publish button, sit back, and wait for the traffic to come rolling in.   Only, it doesn’t.  Days pass. Weeks pass and still you are…

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The 5 Deadliest Mistakes You Can Make in Email Marketing

  Most companies these days use email marketing and it’s no surprise why.  Email marketing is easy to track and it’s easy to determine the ROI.  There’s even an abundance of email service providers that make it even easier to send emails out to hundreds or thousands of people.  You have to be careful though,…

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How to Fight Against Dwindling Attention Spans

  It’s no secret that there is more content online now than ever before. And every single article is constantly vying for your attention. The grand irony in this is that even though there is more content than ever before, human attention spans are shrinking. The latest data shows that the average human attention span…

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Do You Know What Your Customers Are Saying About You?

  Once upon a time, a woman named Jane owned a quality quilting shop, Quick Quilts.  Her store had been open for several years and was always successful.  New customers came into the store daily.  With the rise of the Internet, Jane decided she needed to set up a website to help people find her…

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5 Simple Things That Will Dramatically Improve Your Google Rank

  How to do SEO   When it comes to knowing how to do SEO (search engine optimization), it may seem fairly complicated.  There are so many elements you need to consider.  From the age and relevancy of your content to links and local searches, there’s a lot of information to focus on.  That’s one…

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25 Essential Digital Marketing Terms You Must Know For Success

If you’re new to digital marketing or marketing in general, you have a lot to learn.  You need to learn the strategies behind social media marketing, content marketing, and video marketing.  You have to understand how an audience thinks and how to meet their needs.  While understanding all of these things is important, it won’t…

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How to Cure Writer’s Block

  It’s happened.  After writing countless articles and/or blog posts, your mind has gone blank.  You can’t think of another topic and even if you could, you wouldn’t know where to start writing.  You have…writer’s block! Writer’s block is not a disease but it is still incredibly frustrating, especially when you have a deadline on…

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How Well Does Your Website Rank Compared to the Competition?

  With so many websites competing for your audience’s attention, how will you stand out among the crowd? What is it that will draw visitors to your site rather than to a competitor’s site? How are these visitors going to find you in the first place? As you set up and design your website, be…

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