Generating Leads for Corporate Bookings

Zermatt Utah resort was getting a lot of transient bookings for their hotel and resort when they began working with us, but they were looking for a better way to attract corporate clients that would use their world-renowned conference facilities for corporate getaways and conferences on an annual basis. We used a combination of influencer outreach, pay-per-click advertising and email marketing to increase the size of Zermatt’s corporate leads list and also help them close more big deals.

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Lead Generation

In the early stages of the campaign, our team spent countless hours researching corporations and associations that fit the mold of Zermatt Utah’s perfect corporate client. In just a month and a half, our team was able to build a list of 400 high-quality leads to filter through and then pass over to the Zermatt sales staff. Our team warmed up those leads with a series of targeted email messages before handing them over to Zermatt’s Sales Director.

Landing Page Design / Conversion Optimization

As part of the advertising campaign for Zermatt Utah, our designers created a couple variations of landing pages. Instead of just focusing on the appearance of the landing pages, our team focused on messaging, calls-to-actions and engaging features that would lead to a higher conversion rate. We also created a feature video that helped engage people that landed on the page.

Email Marketing

Our team collected an existing corporate leads list from Zermatt, cleaned the list and began sending out a series of email campaigns to generate interest in Zermatt’s conference resort. After sending just three campaigns, we were averaging a 22% open rate and a .5% click-through-rate, which is relatively high for the industry. Best of all: people were reaching out to the sales staff as a result of the email campaigns.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

We wanted to help Zermatt rank in the top few paid ad positions for “conference resorts,” “corporate getaways” and other related terms, so our team put together a pay-per-click advertising program. Within a week of launching the campaign, Zermatt Utah was ranking in the first position for “conference resorts,” one of the most competitive keywords in their category. In a period of two months, Zermatt received over 65 calls because of the pay-per-click advertising campaign. As a result, their sales staff sent out multiple large proposals to corporate customers.

“The Skoshe team helped us show up well in Google paid search and we’ve got a few really high-quality leads as a result.”

—James Brown, Zermatt Utah Resort

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